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Starco Company

  • Starco institution has a great pleasure to represent a data sheet that show the scope of its business and production , willing to deal with you seriously and carefully, and bearing firstly in our mind the best safety means , the integration of our work and the economic ability of the client. The company promoter is the engineer/Abdul Ghafar Mahammed kassem - Bachelor of engineering (electrical power engineering 1973).
  • The company was founded in 1986 in Tanta - Gharbeya governorate.
  • The company has two selling exhibitions and a central office (at 33 and 16 Al - Madares Street in Tanta) and another office in Cairo (at 23 orabi street).
  • The company has a complete factory for manufacturing switch boards for low and medium pressure . The factory also manufactures control panels.
  • Starco company is regarded as the main distributor of Schneider international corporation products in the Nile Delta area.(Merlin Gerain - Modicon - squared - telemechanique).
  • The company has a group of very well - trained engineers and technicians in all specializations . Those who work in the company aggregate 48 persons.
  • The company has an authorization from the General organization of Industrialization - No. 29260 in the industrial register.
  • The company is a member in the Egyptian association of constructing contractors. The number of membership is 14445.the Company is categorized in the 7 th category in thes pecialization of water and, channels and pump stations of drainage.

  • Best wishes
    Administrative board head
    Engineer/Abdul Ghaffar Mohammed kassem